UZLEX is manufacturing company, based in Riga, Latvia since 1998, which specializes on:

  • – Production of Professional Tools for self-adhesive materials;
  • – Vacuum Forming and Doming machinery production;
  • – 3D Raised Relief Map production;
  • – Production of Architectural Sign Systems;
  • – Production of color cards, strips, swatch books, test rolls.
  • – Services: converting, metal working, milling, slitting, rewinding, laminating, etc. department designs and manufactures professional tools for working with vinyls. We have developed unique formulation of polymer, which allows to manufacture tools of different hardness and choose the right proportion for each specialist.

Among our range you can find: standard squeegees, squeegee protectors, wooden squeegees, polyurethane squeegees, rollers, rulers, cutters, knives and blades, solutions for cleaning the adhesive and cleaning the surface, accessories for handling the vinyls and organizing your working space.

Unique polymer formulation is specially designed for working with most sensitive vinyls and providing the perfect slipping. Our tools are widely used for wrappers from World Wrap competitions and are tested by professionals worldwide. We also develop individual series of squeegees and other tools for your business, with your logo, color combination and individual packaging.

UZLEX participated in variety of fairs, presenting the latest technologies of machinery, tools and tendencies of the market. Our team is always glad to meet you in person during the market events! We are always glad to be a part of global and local car wrapping shows. Our customers encourage us to develop new products for the market to make the work easier, more comfortable and absolutely professional.

Why is it profitable to work with us?

– We independently develop and produce 95% of the entire range of Working with the manufacturer is always beneficial.

What is the advantage of

– Tools are made from modern materials. We ourselves produce raw materials – polyurethane, from which we make tools. Each tool is tested by the best professionals in their field, after which the most optimal tool that meets the highest requirements is selected from a variety of product variations.

How do we support our partners and help arrange sales outlets?

– We have developed special stands for workplaces, where the most current positions of accessories are presented. This allows you constantly pay customer’s attention to tools when communicating with the operator. We support the partners with photo for WEB, posters, video materials.

What kind of training do we offer?

– We offer a professional training course on the use of tools, which can be organized both at your office and at ours in Riga. We also develop educational short videos.

Do we make individual products to order?

– All products manufactured by can be labeled with your logo and individual packaging, which can contribute to the corporate identity of your distribution network. On individual request, products can be produced according to your criteria: color, size, etc.

For more information and individual requests, please contact us:

Phone: +371 67800826
Address: A.Deglava 166B, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia