Professional squeegee protectors

New in stock! Uzlex Wrap Cutter

We are glad to present a new ergonomic Uzlex Wrap Cutter! On the one side there is super safe and sharp high-quality blade, on the other side of the tool there is a special shape for applying the cut vinyl on corners.

With this tool you won’t damage the surface when cutting. Ergonomic shape, lightweight construction and suitable for your any type of wrap bag and pocket!

Application on hard-to-reach places manufactures wrap sticks, which we friendly call “Wrap three brothers”, because these three wrap sticks are really helpful when wrapping a car! The wrap three brothers are divided by color and hardness type.

The ergonomic shape of the wrap stick provides a comfortable application on hard-to-reach places, where you cannot apply the material with standard squeegees. On the one side there is wide corner – comfortable to apply the material to wide recesses. On the other side there is thin corner, when you need to apply the material carefully step by step.

There are also special protectors included in packaging – Fiber and Teflon for both sides of wrap stick.

Application of sensitive materials has developed and manufactures the series of tools for applying sensitive materials – that is the series of small Chizzy squeegees.


For delicate application of specifically sensitive vinyls – the green Chizzy squeegee is best solution. It is used for headlights, car mirrors, strongly curved surfaces. Thanks to its size, it is very comfortable to hold in the hand and the application becomes much more professional.

Red and white chizzy squeegee is used for applying the films, small size labels or applying the edges of the film after the main application is done.

White chizzy squeegee together with Uzlex Fiber protector is perfect solution for applying the material to gadgets, where the surface is absolutely flat.

How to choose the right tool?

If you are able to apply the material fastly and the quality of application is high, you earn more and save time. How to approach that with tools for application? team will give you some simple advice on how to choose the right tool for working with material.

Film application has now become a separate profession. Whereas earlier most of the applications were made in advertising area, nowadays the use of films with an adhesive layer has become the standard in the car repair shop, in the design and interior of buildings, in the manufacture of furniture and glass processing. The range of films has expanded, as well as the surfaces on which they can and should be applied.

The profession of a professional film application master has become in demand.

The process of application is complex, so the efficiency of applying is very important. To do the job faster and with better quality is a profit expressed in money. You can do and earn more only with a good tool. Our tools allow you to reduce the likelihood of mistakes, to apply the film better and faster.

How to choose the tool that will help you work smarter?

You need to know few important rules. And the main thing is to know and understand the structure of the film itself, to choose it correctly and choose the right tool.

Any film consists of 3 – 6 layers. The top layer is the coating of the film, if there is one – 1. The film itself (different types from PVC to complex polyurethane or consisting of several layers) – 2, an adhesive layer (strong or weak, on a different solvent) -3, a silicone layer on paper-4, paper itself (of different thicknesses) or plastic base-5. And, in the case of paper, a possible one more layer of siliconization on the backpaper – 6.


Sounds hard? No, it’s simple!

But usually, the film has a base, adhesive layer, silicone layer and paper .. only 4 components.

Each segment of the film structure can play a role in tool selection.

The surface on which you apply the material can be:

– even

– slightly curved

– completely uneven

First of all, we determine the type of film – hard (mainly protective or architectural films) or soft (pvc, pp, pu, etc.).

For rigid films, we offer super-rigid squeegees: GHSGREEN-UP squeegeeGREEN FLEX squeegee. Their advantage is rigidity. They are used for applying on building facades, protective films on car windows. In their development, we achieved the goal of the greatest effort to remove water.

For soft films, it is important to determine the type of surface to be applied, which will determine the elasticity of the films used and pay attention to whether a gloss or matte film is used.

For gloss material, we choose a tool for gloss films – we recommend to use UZLEX fiber and more elastic squeegees: greenblue.

For small jobs, we use small CHIZZY squeegees and WRAP sticks.

For flat surfaces, we use more rigid squeegees and we can use large squeegees – BANANA squeegees.

For working with glass: RUBBER squeegees and UNIVERSAL squeegees.

We offer special squeegee series for polyurethane films. They have the property of elasticity and rigidity – WHITE UP squeegee, WHITE FLEX squeegee, UZLEX PPF squeegees.

Before starting the work, we prepare the surface with anti-dust and anti-lint wipes: UZLEX FIBER wipes.

To sum up, it is quite simple procedure of choosing the right tool:

  1. Check the film
  2. Look at the surface
  3. Identify is the film hard or soft
  4. Select the squeegees to work with that type of material and surface.

We offer tools for storing and cutting film, cleaning it, as well as all work-related processes.

There are many types of applications that we have not mentioned: lamination, floor graphics,  decorative application on furniture and walls. For these works more specific tools are needed, and we will talk about this next time.