designs and manufactures professional tools for working with materials. We have developed unique formulation of polymer, which allows to manufacture tools of different hardness and choose the right proportion for each professional.

Among our range you can find: standard squeegees, squeegee protectors, wooden squeegees, polyurethane squeegees, rollers, rulers, cutters, knives and blades, solutions for cleaning the adhesive and cleaning the surface, accessories for handling the vinyls and organizing your working space.

Our range includes solutions for such industries as sign & advertising, architectural, decorative, car wrapping and others:

– professional squeegees for all types of films, from hard to delicate, presented in different shapes, sizes, colors and levels of hardness;

– professional cutting tools – aluminum rulers, plastic rulers, cutters, blades;

– wide range of rollers with different constructions, handles and intended for different purposes;

– polyurethane and wooden tools – we developed a new formula of polyurethane and offer professional tools with PU blades of different hardness for comfortable application. We offer a wide range of tools for PPF application;

– tools for work organization – leather bags, roll holders, double-sided adhesive tapes and even more;

– cleaning solutions – we have more than 15 different scrapers for the delicate demounting of material from the surface, as well as special formula of spray for adhesive removing and cleaning wipes, made of professional UZLEX fiber material.

All the collected experience during the last 25 years, we use in designing, creating and testing new tools for the industry. In our range we have more than 200 unique tools for signmaking industry, car wrapping, interior application, design creation, glass decoration. Every person, who considers himself to be a part of creative, handmade and design industry, may find useful tools in our range.


What we do?

– create 3D models and implement to aluminum molds;

– combine and test unique polymer combinations;

– test and select colors, hardness levels, shapes and sizes;

– do post processing works with aluminum profiles;

– hold the stock and process with PU, PVC, ABS, wood, aluminum.


Do you need OEM tool?

UZLEX manufactures OEM customized tools on request. We are able to modify the shape, color, hardness of the tool as well as develop absolutely new tool for your business. If you have an idea of your perfect tool you need, please contact us to share your idea and we will do our best to implement your idea to a high-quality product.


Together with tool creation & production, UZLEX offers variety of packaging options and labeling. If you need simple packaging, we offer plastic pockets, cardboard headers, black & white or colorful labels. If you need high-quality premium packaging, we may offer high-quality plastic boxes, cases, blister, cardboard boxes and special solutions for making your individual product look fantastic!


For more information and individual requests, please contact us:

Phone: +371 67800826
Address: A.Deglava 166B, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia